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AndrewPioSolver Masterclass Endboss Customer
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"...Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone who owns Pio but does not feel they are getting full value out of it or using its features well; which is probably almost all users."
Danny, CFP Student
Danny, CFP StudentScotland
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'If you have the dedication and commitment these guys will no doubt improve your game and help you crush.’
Ruben, CFP Student
Ruben, CFP StudentSweden
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'...a perfect fit for anyone who wants to take their poker game to the next level. ‘
Daniel, Blockers in 20m Customer
Daniel, Blockers in 20m CustomerSolid Content
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Concise, but gives usable heuristics and insights of how to think about blockers/combo selection.
Deividas, CFP Student
Deividas, CFP StudentLithuania
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' I really enjoyed working with all the coaches. THANK YOU guys. If you're really looking to improve your game, work hard and dedicate to poker, this is really good opportunity.'
Attila, CFP Student
Attila, CFP StudentHungary
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'...I feel more motivated than ever and I enjoy poker again so much that I can't stop thinking about it.'
Marc, CFP Student
Marc, CFP StudentDenmark
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' i am winning at NL100z. This progress is only over the span of 3-4 months. I can’t emphasize enough, how good these coaches are. They are very quick to spot leaks, and give you the right tools to improve immediately.'
Chris, Blockers in 20m Customer
Chris, Blockers in 20m CustomerEye Opening Look at Blockers for Great Value
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"D7 breaks down how you should think about blockers on two-tone boards, un-blockers, and how to leverage your blockers to help with close decisions. You need not be afraid of these concepts. After just a 20 minute video, I'm sure you will feel comfortable harnessing this knowledge in your next session."
Tim, CFP Student
Tim, CFP StudentTaiwan
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‘…Before joining bitb I was a 50z breakeven player. Now I can continue to challenge and progress at higher level. I believe that the results of these efforts need to be attributed to the selfless dedication and transparent teaching contents from the coaches…’
J, CFP Student
J, CFP StudentFinland
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"...been playing 500/1k for two months and my general feeling is im MUCH stronger player than 4months ago..."
Underdog, Blockers in 20m Customer
Underdog, Blockers in 20m CustomerInsane video
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This is one of the best videos for my own poker game i have seen lately, it is worth every dollar and a lot more, thank you very much for the video
Andrija, CFP Student
Andrija, CFP StudentSerbia
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"Before i joined i was weakish z200 reg for years, without clear strategy how to play, without idea how to improve on my own, how to be the best pro i can be or how to learn efficiently.... 4 months later, and i play 500 comfortably, tried even a little bit of 1k ... didnt expect that to happen this soon"

Poker Crossbook (Xbook) Calculator

What’s up guys.

Today we’re going to dig down a little into a term that’s thrown around a lot but often misunderstood. 

What is Crossbooking in Poker?

You can think of crossbooking as the opposite of swapping action. So if player 1 wins $100 while player 2 loses $100, if they’d SWAPPED 10% player 1 would owe player 2 $10, while if they’d CROSSBOOKED 10%, player 2 would owe player 1 $10. That’s it!

Why Would Two (or more) Players Crossbook Action?

There are a few reasons poker players might agree to crossbook, all competitive.

The first is simply for ego/in order to bet on who is the best player. If I think I’m better than player X at whatever game, I can offer to crossbook him. This means if I win more than him (which I believe I will), then he will owe me some multiple of the difference (could be 10%, could be 500%), and vice-versa. It’s a simple, pure form of betting on who is the stronger player.

However there’s no reason I have to be involved in the playing in order to crossbook. Say my friend is playing someone HU and I believe he is winning, while someone else believes he is NOT winning. Instead of arranging a challenge or endlessly flinging shit at each other, we could just agree to crossbook the results – if my friend wins, I win, if he loses, I lose. Now we can back our opinions with money instead of trading internet insults with each other. Hurray!

Lastly – there’s a practical reason two reputable players might want to crossbook. Especially in the current age of regulation, it can be difficult to get huge amounts of money onto poker sites in order to play nosebleed stakes. For this reason, it’s far easier to arrange the match say at $1/$2, or even at playmoney, agree the stakes privately and then simply send through whatever means at an agreed interval or once the match is finished. This saves liquidity problems, saves a few bucks on rake, but requires complete trust on both sides that the counterparty isn’t going to screw you if (WHEN! 😀 ) they lose. 


Let’s say our hypothetical player X believes he is beating 500z at 6bb/100, and I believe he is not. Again, crossbooking provides a simple way for us to bet money on our beliefs, without the need for a challenge (which often doesn’t answer the question very well anyway). 

We can agree to crossbook player X’s results, minus this 6bb/100 handicap. So if he wins at >6bb or higher, I owe him money, if he wins at <6bb, he owes me. Again the size of the bet is variable  here.

What about rake?

For some reason this confused be for a while, but it’s actually quite simple – though it does depend on the situation. In the handicapping example above, obviously we are betting on whether player X can win at 6bb/100 AFTER rake. But in the nosebleeds HU match in the previous paragraph, we are betting on who the best player is as though rake didn’t exist. In the calculator below…

Poker Crossbook Calculator

Xbook calculator

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