Poker Coaching For Profits (CFP)

As the poker environment continues to evolve and mature, more and more aspiring players are investigating poker coaching for profits. There are numerous companies offering this service- this article is intended to be a coaching for profits review in general, focussing on BitB Cash as a world-leading example. 

Coaching for Profit Benefits

There are three key elements of a coaching for profits deal that make it superior to buying hourly coaching.

1. Properly Aligned Incentives

You could think of coaching for profits like a “no-win-no-fee” law service. Our incentive to coach you to the absolute best of our abilities is clear – we want to drastically increase your hourly win-rate, as that’s the only way we get paid. Withholding information would hurt us just as much as it would hurt you. Contrast this with paid hourly coaching, where our incentive would be to sell the maximum number of hours and to drip-feed information at the slowest rate which keeps you coming back for more.

2. Deferred Payment

Our aim is to AT LEAST triple your hourly during your CFP deal. As your hourly increases, so does our income. This means the last few months of your deal is when we expect to get paid for your year’s worth of coaching. So you get the benefits straight away, but pay with your future EV- the reverse of paying upfront and hoping to recoup your investment through your future EV.

3. Community

Poker is often a solitary pursuit, where it feels like you against the world. Being part of a CFP group changes this – you get to be part of a group, where everyone is facing the same challenges and driving in the same direction. Seeing the success of the other students will inspire you to push on when things are going well, and will help you get back on the right track when things aren’t. 

Our Framework

Overall Winnings

At bitB cash, we believe to drastically increase your hourly, it is crucial to optimise all aspects of the game.
Leveraging our combined years of experience crushing cash games, we have created a coaching program that improves all the areas that feed into your overall winrate - ensuring that all our students have the tools available to become the best poker player they can be.

Technical Game

We have years of experience showing people how to iteratively improve the foundations of their game, using all of the latest analysis techniques.

Mental Game

Poker should not be a chore or cause undue mental stress. We will help you design a process you can stick to that delivers consistent improvement

Game Selection

Knowing when you should or shouldn't play is equally as important as knowing how to perform once you get onto the tables.

Poker Coaching for Profits Review

Here is exactly what a coaching for profits student will receive when they join the team. 

Group Poker Coaching

We run 2x group coaching sessions per week, usually lasting a little over an hour, which every student is encouraged to attend. These cover a variety of topics, depending what we’re focusing on as a group – from very general to very specific. Some recent examples of session topics:

  • Polarised flop Cbet strategies – in position vs big blind
  • Playing turns after check-check flop in blind vs blind spots
  • Playing vs fish/weak regs
  • Playing turns as 3bettor out of position

We rotate which coaches run the group sessions each week, depending on their availability. You will get the most value by attending the session, but if you’re unable, they are all recorded and posted to the website for you to catch up on.

Private Poker Coaching

As a BitB Cash coaching for profits student, you will receive a monthly private coaching session. This is your chance to pick the brains of a top Mid-Highstakes regular, and to identify and fix areas of your game. Typically, your first few monthly sessions will focus on the big picture – reviewing your database for obvious leaks, setting up a process to deliver consistent improvement and learning how to effectively analyse hands.

Then over time the focus narrows down – video review helps to spot situations you’re unsure of, spots where your thought process is lacking and instances where your execution is sub-optimal. 

All of our coaches love the game and have years of experience of playing professionally and continually improving. While we believe we have a highly effective blueprint for rapidly increasing a student’s hourly, every student is different – they have their own leaks, their preferred way of studying and their own areas of interest. If there’s some area that you feel is holding you back, we will help you turn that weakness into a strength.

Poker Training Videos

To fill in between weekly and individual coaching sessions, you can watch our exclusive CFP videos on demand. As of June 2020, there are over 300 videos in our library, covering a massive variety of concepts and situations. If there’s an area of your game you need to work on, chances are there is already a set of videos examining exactly that topic. 

The majority of these videos focus on a specific postflop situation, however there are also numerous videos about various aspects of mental game. 

Discord Poker Community

This is where the magic happens. 

We discuss hand histories daily, sorted into 15 categories that cover almost any poker situation imaginable – coaches contribute to the discussion of every hand. So if there’s an area you struggle with, you can easily read back over month’s worth of hands of this type.

We largely allow this to flow freely, but there are some standards we expect of students:

  • If spots are amenable to analysis using PIO, we expect students to run the simulations themselves so that we can focus on how population will play differently and therefore how to make the most money – we are not here to run your spots for you, mainly because doing so would be doing you a disservice, but also because running a hand through PIO is only part of the puzzle when it comes to working out the most profitable line. 
  • On a similar note, you should not expect the whole team to focus only on spots you played – if your attitude is good, you can learn as much from a spot someone else played as you can from a one you played. We expect students to respond to any unanswered hands before posting their own spots, and we do not allow students to post an unreasonable number of spots per day.
  • Lastly, any discussion of hands should be in the channels where everyone can see it – we will either not respond to hands sent directly to coaches, or we move the discussion into the wider group. 

If you can follow these common-sense rules which ensure you are a net-positive to the group, the value you can gain is tremendous.

Students arrange study sessions between themselves, share their progress in the blogs section, compete in process-orientated mini-competitions and review their approach with coaches in their private, dedicated student channel. Coaches arrange impromptu sweat/study sessions when time allows, share their own progress through private blogs and share interesting spots they played with students.

PioSolver Solutions and Parameters

Thinking of running some aggregate reports or preflop sims?

If it’s a common spot, chances are this work has already been done for you and condensed into some key takeaways. We have easily importable PioSolver parameters covering every frequent 2 player postflop spot in 6max NL- meaning you don’t have to guess the right range, you can load the exact GTO range and run a sim with that, or use it as a starting point. 

Every student has access to this massive body of work, which represents likely thousands of hours of PioSolver runtime and associated expense.

More importantly though – we will arm you with the tools to make sense of all this data, and show you how it can be used to help you make better decisions at the tables and so make more money playing poker. 

poker coaching for profits

Coaching For Profit Deals

The standard deal we offer is as follows; We split everything (including rakeback) 50/50 on a monthly basis, for the first $10k of winnings, and 60/40 in the students favour thereafter for 12 months. We offer occasional monthly promotions where students that show the biggest commitment towards improving their game can earn bonuses on top of this. We have a player contract that details exactly what both parties can expect from each other, and exactly what will happen if something goes wrong.

The exact terms of your deal will depend on your situation – what you can offer us, as well as what we can offer you. If you’re towards the minimum end of our requirements for joining the group (100k hands winning at 100nl, 50k hands/month volume), you will get huge benefit from our video library, group coaching sessions and discord community. To secure access to these resources, previous students have negotiated themselves starter contracts where they receive less 1-on-1 time to begin with, or where they commit to the group for a longer timeframe.

If you’re already making a substantial ($100+) hourly playing online however, we can offer you a preferred deal that reflects this. Making further strategic gains gets harder as the obvious leaks in your game are plugged, so in special circumstances, well-established professionals can get more time with our highest stakes coaches, in exchange for a lower share of their profits or a shorter contract duration.

The Last Word - Why Join BitB Cash?

We truly believe that BitB Cash is the best no-limit coaching team on the planet. If you want to make it through small-stakes up to 1k+, this community is the place for you. We believe in the coaching for profits model because we know it works – all of our coaches were in CFP deals of some kind whilst serving their apprenticeship at lower stakes, and we have brought the best elements of each to BitB Cash. 

Don’t just take our word for it though – check out the testimonials section below to hear what our students have to say.

Or, if you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to get started, apply now and take your poker career to the next level. 


The standard contract length is 1 year, with 600k hands minimum volume. In order for the deal to be fair for both parties, we need to have your action for a considerable number of hands, but we don’t want to create a situation whereby you’re incentivized to grind hands without any regard for quality. Therefore we ask all students commit to twelve months, playing at least 50k hands/month. If after 12 months you have not played 600k hands, your contract will be extended until you’ve completed the volume. 

You will receive at least one individual session per month, plus two group coaching sessions per week. We try to schedule these such that you can attend at least one per week regardless of where you are in the world, but this is not always possible. Any sessions you miss will be available to watch on the site within a few days. 

One of the great strengths of the coaching for profits model is that the priorities of the coach and student are perfectly aligned – both parties want the student to be the most profitable player they can be as soon as possible. If a student needs a session, the last thing we’d want to do is wait for them to play a certain number of hands beforehand. So if you feel you need a session ASAP for whatever reason, we can normally accomodate this. 

Furthermore, the coaches regularly stream their playing and study sessions – this is done ad hoc depending exactly when suits, and is an extra bonus for the students who join. We don’t guarantee any minimum number of these in any timeframe, as they are completely dependent on coaches availability.

We’ve been adding content to the video library since November 2016. The videos include numerous session reviews (of coaches’ play and of students’ play), HH analysis, a series on using PIOsolver efficiently, Mental Game concepts, and database analysis, and overarching videos addressing how to develop a gameplan in a wide range of situations. The aim of the video library is to ensure all students have plenty of material to work on between coaching sessions.

As of October 2020, there are over 300 videos on the site, arranged by spot/situation, with an average length of just over 1h.

If you are completely unknown to the poker community, you will need to be playing on PokerStars to be accepted into the program. The reason for this is that currently, Pokerstars is the only site we can request account audits and download the hands you’ve played directly from their servers. This safeguards us from people faking, or being dishonest, about their results. If you are unwilling to play a sample on Stars, you will need a very strong reference to make it onto the program. However, exceptions can and have been made for exceptional candidates.

No, we don’t offer coaching on an hourly basis, the only way to receive coaching from BitB Cash coaches is to join the team. Coaching for hourly creates a strange situation where the incentives of the player and the coach are very different – the coach wants to book a lot of hours while the student just wants the most useful information as quickly as possible. This is why many coaches offer discounts for buying many sessions upfront. It’s quite a rare thing for someone to move up through the stakes completely without help, we think the best way to do it is through a CFP program, hence we won’t accept offers for hourly paid coaching. 


The CFP model works because once we make you a considerably strong player, we have a share of your action for a while and recoup our time investment. If you are dedicating significant time playing games we don’t have any action in, the model breaks down. You are welcome to play any online MTTs you’d like to during your contract, on condition you let us know ahead of time AND give us a 5% freeroll on any profit you make. The reason for this is simple – if you’re diverting your attention from your cash tables to play an MTT, you directly gain equity at our expense – this clause is included in the contract to balance out the incentives of the situation, without forbidding you playing the games you’d like to. 

Live cash is a different matter – as oversight is effectively impossible in this environment, we can’t forbid you from playing it, but we do ask that the time you put into this isn’t excessive. 

There is no average improvement of a player in the group. Like anything else, you will get out what you put in. We’ve had plenty of players, especially in the early days, who joined the group and basically coasted, not improving very significantly at all. We’ve also had players who’ve 10x their average stake in under a year. Hopefully you can now see why any average taken over such a wide range would be a nonsense number, as any average of a pareto- type distribution.

I liken poker CFP to having a personal trainer in the gym – we can show you the right weights to lift, how often to lift them and how to live your life in such a way as to achieve your goals. But we cannot lift the weights for you – if you expect to cruise up the stakes simply by virtue of being accepted into the group, you will be disappointed. 

The flipside of this should be obvious – if you’re willing to put in the reps, there is essentially no limit to how much you can achieve.

We expect students to treat coaches time with respect.

The coaches we provide are some of the best players in the world. Their time is worth hundreds of dollars per hour while playing, and considerably more than that to you while coaching. Using their combined 20 years of experience coaching, they will provide you with extremely valuable, timely, level-appropriate information, with the sole goal of increasing your true hourly as fast as possible. This is something that exceptionally few people in the world are qualified to do, and our track record shows how successful these agreements can be to the right player.

We expect students to understand that downswings are an inevitable and integral part of the life of a professional poker player. While you will have access to advice and support from the community on how to manage the stresses this brings on, we expect students to understand that complaining about variance is counter-productive, and that the coaches do not have magical super-powers which allow them to end a downswing. We understand it is tempting to seek reassurance directly from coaches during a downswing, but we expect players to realise the right place to vent frustration regarding this fact of poker life is firstly in the journal we advise all players to keep, secondly in the blog players are encouraged to start, and absolute not via needless DMs with coaches. If the problem can be solved by talking to a loved one or your cat, we expect the students not to bother the coaches with it.

We provide practical advise relating to every element of professional poker playing, and your first lessons with us will be about how to establish a reliable process to deliver the results you want, and how to set up a system for continually working on your mental game. We expect students to use these resources, including the community who are always eager to hear how it’s been going and provide encouragement – we will not tolerate pointless complaining, however cleverly disguised.

The value of being in this group, from the point of view of the student, is the coaching. We have 5 coaches playing 2kNL or higher on a regular basis, all of whom contribute to strategy discussions on our server. A few thousand bucks to play poker with, you can get from 1 of any of the dozens of staking groups available on 2p2, probably for a smaller cut of your profits than we demand. Access to some of the winningest highstakes players in the world is much harder to come by, and this is what we provide. 

There are circumstances where we will stake students, or allow them to hold off on sending us profits so they can play higher games, but this is only after we’ve worked with them for a period of time and have built up some trust. 

Want to hear from our students?

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