If you are serious about working on your poker skills and moving up the stakes, joining bitB Cash is the best choice you could make.

We offer year long coaching for profit deals for cash game players who are determined, and willing to do the hard work required to move ahead of the competition.  
Our students have made >$5million at the tables in the last 3 years, and we are confident we offer the best CFP on the planet for anyone looking to play high stakes cash games.

You will get

Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching

Access to our elite coaches each month. In depth database review and H2N work, and then follow up theory sessions focussed on building a game plan that directly increases your EV at the table.

Group coaching 6x per month

Group-wide sessions focusing on a specific node - improve your fundamentals, better understand your opponents and learn to crush.

Active Discord community

Get constant feedback and support on technical aspects and mental game, follow the progress of others in the blog section and enjoy the banter in our tight-knit community.

Library of coaching courses

View our extensive library of elite videos any time that suits you and follow the interactive courses we've created covering every node in the gametree at your own pace.

Prebuilt PIO solver parameters

Importable PIO parameters covering all possible postflop spots - meaning less time spent building trees, more time studying results.

Library of pre-flop and post-flop solutions

Instant access to a huge library of pre-flop and post-flop GTO solutions using softwares such as MonkerSolver and PioSolver.

Massive video library to view on demand

Our video library is designed to help you absorb new strategic ideas at a time that suits you. Over 300 videos, featuring coaches’ live play, student session reviews, classroom style breakdowns on specific scenarios, population analysis, mental game and more. 

World class coaches
Current CFP students

What Our Students Think

Danny (Scotland) – Joined December 2017

Danny is one of our most successful students ever. He joined in late 2017 after having his worst year in 9 years of full time play. We managed to identify several leaks in his game, which over time he turned into strengths and thankfully his results picked up very soon after he joined.  Year previous

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Marc (Denmark) – Joined March 2018

Before: After: “I was a slightly losing player, before i joined the stable, and now i am winning at NL100z. This progress is only over the span of 3-4 months. I can’t emphasize enough, how good these coaches are. They are very quick to spot leaks, and give you the right tools to improve immediately.

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Deividas (Lithuania) – Joined November 2017

I have finished my deal 1 month ago, before this i was NL50 “reg” playing snap50 on 888 poker, making 2-3bb/100. Now i play z100 on stars with 5.9bb/100 over 300k hands. I know for some it sound like not really big improvement, but i had all the opportunities to move up to z200 easily,

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Ruben (Sweden) – Joined December 2018

‘I am a long time professional poker player that has been a steady winner up until last year, where I started to struggle and was even contemplating about quitting poker for good. However, I decided to give it a last shot and reached out to a few different staking stables to see what they had

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J. (Finland) – Joined March 2020

From 25k in 7 months, to $25k in 1 month – J’s Story *adapted with permission from a blog update, 1st July 2020* Hey guys. Its been 4months with Bitb now and i thought its time for make some kind of update. Joining the stable was really tough decision for and I was really thinking

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coaching for profit results

Andrija (Serbia) – Joined March 2020

0.5bb at 200 -> 7bb at 500 in 4 months – Andrija’s Story Before Before i joined i was weakish z200 reg for years, without clear strategy how to play, without idea how to improve on my own, how to be the best pro i can be or how to learn efficiently. After 4 months

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Our Students Results

Between Jan 2020 – September 2021

  • +$1,700,000 including untracked
  • +4.1bb/100 pre rakeback
  • +7bb/100 post rakeback
  • Average of 14 active students in this period

Our Coaches

You will have access to the minds of some of the biggest winners in online cash games at stakes ranging from 1knl-100knl. 
All of our coaches have been part of CFP before, and keenly remember the parts of their respective deals that propelled them to where they are today. Now, you can benefit from the wealth of combined experience they have brought together at bitB Cash.

BitB Cash PioSolver Masterclass - Endboss Package

Everything you need to know about PIO
$ 247 Lifetime Access
  • No Previous Experience/Knowledge Required
  • Learn How to Use The Most Advanced and Powerful Features
  • 6h of Material, inc feature guide, HH analysis and bonus Mental Game Series

Think bitB Cash is the place for you?

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