D7’s Army and bitB Staking have combined, to form the best No Limit Holdem cash game coaching team on the planet – bitB Cash!

We offer year long coaching for profit deals for cash game players who are willing and determined to improve their game and move up the stakes.  If you are serious about learning and progressing your game, joining bitB Cash is the best choice you could make.

What we offer

Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching

Once a month you will have a 60 minute session with one of our elite coaches. Use this time to iron out any specific issues you are having.

Group coaching 2x per week

Bi-weekly group sessions give you constant contact with other players with similar goals and our coaches who host the sessions.

Active Discord community

Get constant feedback and support from other enthusiastic professionals and coaches.

Library of coaching courses

View our library of elite videos any time that suits you and follow the interactive courses we've created at your own pace.

Prebuilt PIO solver parameters

Importable PIO parameters covering all possible postflop spots - meaning less time spent building trees, more time studying results.

Library of pre-flop and post-flop solutions

We boast a huge library of pre-flop and post-flop GTO solutions using softwares such as Monker Solver and PIO Solver.

High quality Coaching Videos

We boast a video library of over 100 of the most valuable cash game videos, available exclusively for our players. Click below to view a sample video.

World class coaches
Current students

Our Coaches

You will have access to the minds of some of the biggest winners in online cash games at stakes ranging from 200nl-2knl.  All of our coaches have been part of CFP before, and keenly remember the parts of their respective deals that propelled them to where they are today. Now, you can benefit from the wealth of combined experience they have brought together at bitB Cash.

Think bitB Cash is the place for you?