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28th May 2019

Quote: Originally Posted by Clanty Not strange at all IMO; losing periods tend to allow me to think far more sincerely about how my Poker’s going. Therefore, if you feel good about how you played, and lost, then that speaks volumes. Best of luck grinding out of it Thanks man Quote: Originally Posted by Xenoblade …

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1st May 2019

Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat Mexican IP < Scotty IP obvs gl with the regrind – i’m in a similar situation <3 Haha, definitely this – my month just ended when my internet had some kind of meltdown and I timed out of all my tables GJ on the regrind, 1/2 of us aint bad! Quote: …

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21st April 2019

Quote: Originally Posted by pontylad Doing blogs are definitely a good way to improve your SEO, I have no idea how much research you’ve done for it but if you’re doing this as a business then spending even $1-$2k on someone to help with the finer point of SEO can be well worth it. Or …

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31st March 2019

Quote: Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat nooo likey that 1k has started bad that vid has made me wanna get my guitar out for the first time in 11 years old man poker band??? It got better!…. oh wait Quote: Originally Posted by locoo20 I’d rather not . The only reason I never sitout is because …

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11th March 2019

Quote: Originally Posted by blakkman08 love that you have had a great time of late bro, much when you’re running good you’re running good Quote: Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat yeye $500 in a chest AND winning at the tables. Stars on the absolute suck outta nowhere. Awesome trip, let’s do it again soon! Also come …

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7th March 2019

Quote: Originally Posted by PlasticElephant You mean alpe d’huez? Let’s be honest, slope rental is slope rental at the end of the day Quote: Originally Posted by doctor877 that dont have **** on nasa merch Dude I was creasing when I saw Rool in his sick NASA hat =================================== Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, As you’ve probably already seen …

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