6th April 2020

[QUOTE=megalomaniac23;55872516]Why do you think someone should choose your cfp over others? If you were to look through ranks, obv choice would be MMA, or maybe jasamgale. But than again I saw a part of MMA course, and also some bitb videos, I was more impressed by your stuff(small sample), but than again, heard that his private cfp is way better. So basically q is how to choose best option? Also congrats on nice results[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=megalomaniac23;55872518]*I meant that his cfp is a lot better than his course just to be clear :D[/QUOTE]

Don’t particularly wanna fire shots, everyone should make their own choice. But, I’d say coach quality is what sets us apart from the rest 🙂

[QUOTE=meale;55872804]A great way to get into cold showers is to move houses and pay the deposit before the land lord tells you oh btw your room doesnt have hot water![/QUOTE]

Lmao, this doesn’t sound too legal.

[QUOTE=TimStone;55872907]Bc you have ishter to teach youhow to run good. Even mma cannot teach you that. So fairly easy choice imo[/QUOTE]

Ishter still a friend of bitb/is in the server but doesn’t really coach at all any more 🙁

[QUOTE=Don Melchor;55872936]CHECK the wim hoff method D, will give this that youre doing maybe some structure or theory behind it, but youre basically doing it right 😛

awesome month dude, grats on becoming an uncle, its the ****ing coolest thing!! much love :)[/QUOTE]

Thanks man! Unfortunately since I’m now out in Mexico it’s impossible to get an actually cold shower :/

[QUOTE=BenaBadBeat;55873135]haha i’m not even slightly surprised to hear Markus giving advice for free. He just loves poker so so much. Dunno how you even have to advertise for positions tbh[/QUOTE]

The boi wonder now has a blog in our discord server for his excess poker musings. Big HU reg these days 😮

For anyone who missed it, we did a podcast with this cool cat/kitten a week or so ago, check it out:


[QUOTE=Brigov;55873150]Yep. Yours must be a new one.
If someone buys a new monitor which comes with lets say DP cable in the box, but he wants to use HDMI and decides to use the HDMI cable he used with his old monitor – thats where might be a problem, because that cable is most probably an older version. Thats why I wanted to clarify it 🙂

That coaching deal looks sweet – I am really surprised there are still vacant places.:confused:
All the best[/QUOTE]

Cheeers brother! Got a pretty sweet setup rigged up here in Mexico within a few days of arriving – actually picked up a 43′ 4k monitor from a big costco type place (Sam’s Club) for super cheap, like 60% of the one I got in Edinburgh through Amazon.

[QUOTE=PlasticElephant;55873210]A few (biased) reasons why I think ours is better:

1) Smaller group, much better community, learnt a lot from bitB tournament on how to organise and make it fun to be in the group
2) More reasonable contract terms, some CFPs using super unethical chop methods, others with much much longer contracts
3) More transparency on coaches results
4) Almost all my daily study done within the group and streamed etc
5) Better beanies/ hoodies
6) MMA runs for the hills when makeboifin comes for the lobby[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Kockar;55873233]Bang Bang :D[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Mayox;55873299]7) showofforcedaniel youtube channel[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Knoblis14;55873333]lol bitb better than bts gonna complain…[/QUOTE]


Lmao, I’ve seen 1 showofforce video ever, dude was rocking sunglasses indoors and hyping about playing 1/2 – love to see it! 😀 😎

[QUOTE=ggbruuce;55873365]Time for some power rankings by makeboifin or 464[/QUOTE]

This would be great tbh. Any takers???

[QUOTE=pontylad;55904734]Yeah, pretty gross situation. One of my best friends from school is a doctor who works in intensive care wards in London. I actually spoke to him last night basically said he has a lot of confidence in the Chief Medical Officer in Britain (I think his name is Chris Witty) and the current approach Britain is taking.

His main concern was a worry about a possible lack of protective equipment, for example they are meant to receive training for correctly dressing using N95 masks etc (I think he said it was called PEP training?!). His training is not scheduled until another 2 weeks which seems late. Anyway, I assume we’re just all hoping for the best. My Dad is very high risk so I’m just trying to convince him not to leave his house for the foreseeable future.[/QUOTE]

Yeah – my anxiety about this whole thing has basically gone way down as the world has cottoned on that it’s kinda serious. My family are following the lockdown protocol and then some, so thankfully I’m not really too worried about any of my nearest and dearest. There’s been 12 deaths in this area of Mexico (Q. Roo) according to my girl, so probably there is a decent sized outbreak here. I’m very glad Mexico had time to see the rest of the world react and get their shit together/ let the fear spread through the people. Playa Del Carmen is like a ghost town, I’m pretty worried about what 10’s of thousands of broke locals will do now they’ve lost their job – people here are expecting a sharp rise in crime as the government has basically offered 0 support to these people so far (2 weeks basic pay if you HAVE the virus 🙁 ). But regardless, the solution is to remain indoors as much as possible anyway, so all signs point there really.


1 tabling an MTT and having my weekly results peek, seems like a good time to update the thread!

Last month:




Total heater:


Missing maybe 3k or so from party/other.

Being honest with myself, I’ve let things slide a little with study and some good grind habits – the games have been very good and I’ve kinda been prioritising hands played over anything else, which might be justifiable right now given the situation, but isn’t a good long term plan. I played around 10k hands this week, but journalled a total of 4 words and probably looked at around 8 sims – not really good enough if I want to continue the upwards trajectory.

That said, I’m obviously delighted to have made such a hot start to the year. Most of these results are just noise, but I do feel confident I’ve changed the signal substantially, particularly with regards mental game and game selection. I need to stay grounded, realise I won’t run like god forever, and keep improving that signal in any small way I can.

Hope everyone is keeping well!

GL out there 😎


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