+$45k in 3 months - Adams Story

‘Before i joined i was weakish z200 reg for years, without clear strategy how to play, without idea how to improve on my own, how to be the best pro i can be or how to learn efficiently.

4 months later, and i play 500 comfortably, tried even a little bit of 1k, still game selecting hard, didnt expect that to happen this soon, and i am prepared that i may still have to move down in case of big downswing, as long as i am here i have tools to improve my knowledge and will move up further, sooner or later. I dont want this to sound like celebratory post just because i had good few months, i want to stay hungry, and i am aware that i need to study constantly for as long as i play.’

Joined March 2020

‘Joining bitB cash was a very good decision for me. If you have the dedication and commitment these guys will no doubt improve your game and help you crush.’

Joined Jan 2018

It was almost impossible back then to see if its +EV for me give a share of profits for someone else when thought I already were somewhat good player already. Wasn’t sure at all if its possible to teach enough stuff to an already winning 200/500 player to make joining good decision. Luckily, decided to join.”

Joined March 2020

Rubens first 3 months with bitB

‘I am a long time professional poker player that has been a steady winner up until last year, where I started to struggle and was even contemplating about quitting poker for good. However, I decided to give it a last shot and reached out to a few different staking stables to see what they had to offer. It quick became clear that bitb was one few really serious ones, that had a clear learning path for their students. I have now been with them for three months, and I don’t regret my decision to join. There is a very active and motivated group of students, which keeps the discussions alive and interesting at all times, with constant feedback from the coaches. This together with the 1-1 coaching and the weekly group sessions makes it a perfect fit for anyone who wants to take their poker game to the next level. ‘

Joined Dec 2018

‘I finished my deal 1 month ago, before this i was NL50 “reg” playing snap50 on 888 poker, making 2-3bb/100. Now i play z100 on stars with 5.9bb/100 over 300k hands. I really enjoyed working with all the coaches. THANK YOU guys. If you’re really looking to improve your game, work hard and dedicate to poker, this is really good opportunity.’

Joined November 2017

Attilas first two months with bitB

‘I feel I made the best decision that I could that to join bitB and I am very grateful to be part of it. I feel more motivated than ever and I enjoy poker again so much that I can’t stop thinking about it.’

Joined February 2019

‘I was a slightly losing player, before i joined the stable, and now i am winning at NL100z. This progress is only over the span of 3-4 months. I can’t emphasize enough, how good these coaches are. They are very quick to spot leaks, and give you the right tools to improve immediately. Great community to be a part of – both coaches and other players are very helpful and genuinely good people.’

Joined March 2018

‘…Before joining bitb I was a 50z breakeven player. Now I can continue to challenge and progress at higher level. I believe that the results of these efforts need to be attributed to the selfless dedication and transparent teaching contents from the coaches…’

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