+$45k in 3 months - Adams Story

Dom's first 10 months with bitB

`From the get go the group challenged me in the sense that I knew I was nowhere near as good as the other students/coaches. This really motivated me to work hard in order to get to that level. What was awesome is that I was never treated any differently compared to the other students despite me being a much weaker player. Each coach and student in the group was very supportive and helpful in answering any question that I had, no matter how remedial it was. Seeing how down to earth some of the best players in the world are was very eye opening to me and extremely helpful. Also to me it’s extremely cool to read hand histories in the High Stakes thread every day, and see someone in the bitB cash discord server in a majority of the hands. If anything this just proves that the bitB process works.

I started out 2021 playing 100nl, now I play up to 2knl on an American facing site and am considered one of, if not the best reg on my site`

Joined January 2021

Gh's first 8 months with bitB

‘I’ve always wanted to become a 1k reg and that i’ve failed a couple of times when shot taking before. i felt totally out of my depth and confidence was shot so i think i took the best possible step in my poker career and joined bitb last year. It becomes very obvious within the first month youre there that the coaches are multiple levels above what you think you know about poker. They don’t waste time going down pointless pio rabbit holes that you often see from c4p/coaching videos and streamers. They give you a solid gameplan framework + fundamentals but i like that they are open if you want to play a different strat here or there and not get bogged down in irrelevant details that you see throughout the poker discord groups. They certainly dont hold back when offering hh advice. And its very obvious that the coaches in the title are some of the best regs around and i think every hsnl reg would agree. Special shoutout to ymb/PE who goes above and beyond with bitb. The hours and dedication he has to it is on another level and responds to every hh posted (whether youre playing 100nl or 2k) in a way which is v.technical but easy to digest and learn. I 100% recommend applying. The track record is v.impressive.’

Joes tracked results since joining bitB

“Before I joined bitB I was doing ok at 500nl, I was doing a lot of studying by myself but not really feeling like I was improving much. When you join, they give you some guidelines on how they approach poker which straight away makes studying way more productive as you are not wasting time on things that don’t matter. 

There are videos on every spot which give you a solid framework along with some adjustments to make against different pools. The coaches really go above and beyond what the need to, constant strategy discussions in discord and extra study sessions a couple of times a week are extremely valuable.

I am now taking shots at 2knl and feel like I am in a very good spot going forward, joining bitB is definitely the best decision I have made for my poker career.

Joined January 2021

coaching for profit results
Andrija's first 4 months with bitb

‘Before i joined i was weakish z200 reg for years, without clear strategy how to play, without idea how to improve on my own, how to be the best pro i can be or how to learn efficiently.

4 months later, and i play 500 comfortably, tried even a little bit of 1k, still game selecting hard, didnt expect that to happen this soon, and i am prepared that i may still have to move down in case of big downswing, as long as i am here i have tools to improve my knowledge and will move up further, sooner or later. I dont want this to sound like celebratory post just because i had good few months, i want to stay hungry, and i am aware that i need to study constantly for as long as i play.’

Joined March 2020

Jakub's 2021 tracked results

“Took me very long time to decide if I wanted to join or not. I was a pretty decent winner at 500z and 200z before, so had a hard time estimating if the EV of learning new stuff will compensate the amount of money I had to pay for it. Every friend I asked thought I’m totally braindead for even considering it.

The one exception was *****, who joined Poker Ambition stable being in very similar situation to me. He made me realize that studying with other midstakes players is incomparable to being coached by 5k+ regs. This conversation was the turning point, combined with my abysmal results at the time, I made my mind and decided to join. Its very clear now it was the best poker related decision I’ve made so far. I’m genuinely happy with how I ran in the beginning of the year, because otherwise I think there was very little chance Id end up here. 

I’m still absolutely clueless about the game, but the puzzles start fitting together and bit by bit, thanks to all of you guys, I start understanding it more. Seeing all of your graphs, that are clearly a result of very hard work, makes me very optimistic about the future and I hope I can finally hit some decent stakes in 2021.

Joined June 2020

Ignas' Jan 2021 - Aug 2022 results

“2020 overall was a very positive year for me. Even though results wasnt super crazy, I think compared to where I was at the start of the year ability wise I could not even expect to improve more. Especially last few months some things really started click to me in terms of how I should work on my game and even though I see lots of improvements already, I’m very positive that biggest improvements is yet to come and I’m excited to continue working on it.”

Joined April 2019

It was almost impossible back then to see if its +EV for me give a share of profits for someone else when thought I already were somewhat good player already. Wasn’t sure at all if its possible to teach enough stuff to an already winning 200/500 player to make joining good decision. Luckily, decided to join.
My year was pretty good, made 108k EV according to HEM+RBs which was something like 3x 2019 result. No need to say I improved way way more last year than I dared to hope.


Joined March 2020

‘When I joined bitB, I was definitely nervous. I had joined after being in another CFP and so being back to “square one” was not the most wonderful spot.

I definitely knew I had a long journey ahead in terms of learning, I just never realized how long, and how poorly I was technically (spoiler: still bad, but now a structured, manageable bad.

More about my experience can be found here

Joined January 2022

Finally I want to say thankyou to this community as a whole, not just the coaching team but the fellow students. 

This entire community has become a huge part of my life and, more than anything, has supported me through all the dark moments. 

There is 0 doubt in my mind that if I had never joined bitB on Jan 1st 2019, then I would never have reached the spot I’m in right now and I’m doubtful I’d still be grinding. It’s been a life-changer for me.

Joined February 2019

‘Joining bitB cash was a very good decision for me. If you have the dedication and commitment these guys will no doubt improve your game and help you crush.’

Joined Jan 2018

Sebastiens pre rakeback results

I never had any coaching or review so was pretty excited , asked around and came to the conclusion that Bitb was the best solution.

I’m very happy with that decision.

It took away my limiting beliefs of what is possible. It’s really motivating to see other students / coaches just crushing the game.

Joined August 2021

Siebes first 8 months of 2022

“Results in April were absolutely amazing and it’s crazy to think that I’ve made the same amount in one month now that I did last year. It gives me a great amount of motivation to keep going at it for the upcoming year, the sky is the limit! Still very happy and grateful that I’m in this group surrounded by crushers and like-minded people all trying to improve in life and poker. I wish everyone lots of goodluck at the tables!”

Joined February 2021

Agus 2022

“It’s so sick looking at how many guys have progressed immensely while being at this group, some have developed their whole career here and its getting to an unprecedented level. Super happy to be part of it, wish the best for everyone this year, lets crush it

Joined January 2020

Manuele's first 6 months

“I decided to join BitB under the advice of Clavio and another person to whom I am linked, I was looking for motivations and to feel more pleasure in work, so be part of a positive community like this seemed a good idea.

I’m really happy to joined the team so thanks to everyone.!”

Joined February 2021

Iuris first 8 months of 2022 excluding rakeback

“Left my job (12 months’ sabbatical) in May this year. Left BTS and here I am.

Some bits of ‘imposter syndrome’ just by being here and whatnot. Nonetheless, there’s no best place to learn than where everyone else pretty much knows more than you. Looking forward to working hard and learning as much as I can.

Onto working hard, I also feel this is my real shot at being a poker professional.

And yeah, all the resources and availability from the coaches is awesome, as well as the rest of the students of course.

Very nice group, really really happy to be here, thanks!”

Joined November 2021

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