Tim (Taiwan) – Joined August 2018

First of all, I want to say that I still don’t regard myself as a successful poker player yet, but I do grow steadily in bitb.

Before joining bitb I was a 50z breakeven player. Now I can continue to challenge and progress at higher level. I believe that the results of these efforts need to be attributed to the selfless dedication and transparent teaching contents from the coaches.

In the first few months of joining bitb, I also suspected why the things i’ve been taught can’t not be reflected to my graphs.

I think this is because I was not active enough in the first months and I didn’t strictly improve my leaks, i just keep played the same way i used to play until D7 once told me we were kind of wasting time If you didn’t do it according to the way we told you.

I think it was at that time that I knew I should make some changes. After that I was more active in the bitb group and participated in more discussions. The more discussions I participated in, the more I felt about my weaknesses and continued to improve my weaknesses.

I think the last thing I want to say is that the more discussions you’ve participated, the more feedback you can get from coaches. Progressing in poker it’s not rocket science but keep finding leaks and improve those small little things, and bitb can provide such an environment for continuous discussion and progress.

Before BitB:

Tim’s last month with BitB:

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