Danny (Scotland) – Joined December 2017

Danny is one of our most successful students ever. He joined in late 2017 after having his worst year in 9 years of full time play. We managed to identify several leaks in his game, which over time he turned into strengths and thankfully his results picked up very soon after he joined. 

Year previous to joining the group:


Year in the group:


The things to notice in this graph are:

Danny repping bitB
  1. The Volume – regardless of how strong you are technically, if you don’t play decent volume you will never translate your poker skill into dollars.
  2. The Breakeven Stretch – people are often prone to believe that breaking even for 300k hands precludes having a good year. Danny has clearly shown that to be false – you can see he broke even for a huge stretch near the start of the graph, but due to having a very strong mental game he was able to overcome this and deliver a fantastic year.  

“Joining BitBcash was a very good decision for me. If you have the dedication and commitment these guys will no doubt improve your game and help you crush.”

After his amazing year as a student, Danny agreed to stay on in the group as a coach and now shares his wisdom with those seeking to emulate his success.

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