Andrija (Serbia) – Joined March 2020

0.5bb at 200 -> 7bb at 500 in 4 months - Andrija's Story


Before i joined i was weakish z200 reg for years, without clear strategy how to play, without idea how to improve on my own, how to be the best pro i can be or how to learn efficiently.

coaching for profit before and after
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4 months later, and i play 500 comfortably, tried even a little bit of 1k, still game selecting hard, didnt expect that to happen this soon, and i am prepared that i may still have to move down in case of big downswing, as long as i am here i have tools to improve my knowledge and will move up further, sooner or later. I dont want this to sound like celebratory post just because i had good few months, i want to stay hungry, and i am aware that i need to study constantly for as long as i play.

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coaching for profits before and after

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