Blockers in 20m

Want to brush up on your knowledge of blockers and how they affect your decisions to bet/fold/check/bluffcatch? This course is for you 🙂

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Great Course To Own for Fundamental Blocker Theory
By: Ricardo Velasco

Having a 20 minute course on the Concept of Blockers/Unblockers is very convenient. Its the ideal time for players not familiar with the concepts since you need to watch and study this video multiple times. Although all the practical examples are on cash game hand, you can extrapolate for tournaments situations once you master the concept. The best part of the course, its $17 only for a video that will help you tremendously in deciding bluffing lines and hero calling ones etc.

Solid content
By: Daniel Shiel

Concise, but gives usable heuristics and insights of how to think about blockers/combo selection

Eye Opening Look at Blockers for Great Value
By: Chris Leavy

This course dissected one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of poker in a quick and engaging video. Some players may understand the importance of holding an Ace of a flushing suit, but as D7 explains, that's just the beginning of understanding blockers. D7 breaks down how you should think about blockers on two-tone boards, un-blockers, and how to leverage your blockers to help with close decisions. You need not be afraid of these concepts. After just a 20 minute video, I'm sure you will feel comfortable harnessing this knowledge in your next session.

insane video
By: Underdog

this is one of the best videos for my own poker game i have seen lately, it is worth every dollar and a lot more, thank you very much for the video

By: TP Gorecki

Thank you. I find this video super helpful. It helped me understand a concept that I struggled to understand for a long time. Thank you again. Really good work.

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