Blockers in 20m

Want to brush up on your knowledge of blockers and how they affect your decisions to bet/fold/check/bluffcatch? This course is for you 🙂

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Different way to think about blockers
By: luckyciaran

This 20 minute video has me wanting to review every close river spot I have played recently. I believe the video is just a demonstration of what Bit B can teach about how to think about a poker hand. If you can internalize the message the video will pay for itself in about 4 river spots from there the knowledge will compound in BB/100 for the rest of your poker career. You decide if the price is right for you. Cheers

Good Value for $
By: jordi conejos baixas

As the title says, for just 7 bucks you can grasp some basics about the topic that will help you if you ar enot familiar with the topic or even if you are you will internalize how to aproach the topic from the ground up.

Blockers In 20 Minutes
By: Kenneth Boisvert

By Ken B. I enjoyed this video. As D7 states in the video, many people recognize the advantage of having flush Blockers, especially the Ace of flush suit and other high flush suit Blockers which he covers in addition to other Blockers. However, I hadn't given a lot of thought to Un-Blockers which D7 discusses, Blockers that block the hands you want villain to have and which villain possibly called previous streets with. These Un-Blockers and your knowledge of, allow you to Bet with more likelihood of having Villain Fold. I will admit that I had to watch this 20 minute video backtracking video feed and replaying video several times before I gained a real thorough understanding of how to better employ Blocker and Un-Blocker use in my poker game. This was not a fault of the video presentation, just my way of learning. The video purchase allows you this opportunity as it is available to you within your website account after purchase. Money spent on the video was well worth the expense. I believe you will enjoy this video and better yet, gain a lot of Blocker Knowledge that you can use in your poker game to increase your poker profit.

Blockers in 20minutes
By: Kakou Su

The video has given me a clear understanding of adblockers and blockers, and having the right combos to execute certain actions. Great work listing all the examples in 20 minutes! Would've also liked to get a coaching about those situation facing a bet, where Hero block villain's bluff, but also value combos. Great video overall!

Great Course To Own for Fundamental Blocker Theory
By: Ricardo Velasco

Having a 20 minute course on the Concept of Blockers/Unblockers is very convenient. Its the ideal time for players not familiar with the concepts since you need to watch and study this video multiple times. Although all the practical examples are on cash game hand, you can extrapolate for tournaments situations once you master the concept. The best part of the course, its $17 only for a video that will help you tremendously in deciding bluffing lines and hero calling ones etc.

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