Blockers in 20m

Want to brush up on your knowledge of blockers and how they affect your decisions to bet/fold/check/bluffcatch? This course is for you 🙂

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What Others Have Said

Solid content
By: Daniel Shiel

Concise, but gives usable heuristics and insights of how to think about blockers/combo selection

Eye Opening Look at Blockers for Great Value
By: Chris Leavy

This course dissected one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of poker in a quick and engaging video. Some players may understand the importance of holding an Ace of a flushing suit, but as D7 explains, that's just the beginning of understanding blockers. D7 breaks down how you should think about blockers on two-tone boards, un-blockers, and how to leverage your blockers to help with close decisions. You need not be afraid of these concepts. After just a 20 minute video, I'm sure you will feel comfortable harnessing this knowledge in your next session.

insane video
By: Underdog

this is one of the best videos for my own poker game i have seen lately, it is worth every dollar and a lot more, thank you very much for the video

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