BitB Cash PioSolver Masterclass

Want to stop wasting valuable study time and really get to grips with PioSolver? This course is for you – over 2h of material, featuring a full walkthrough guide to everything from purchase and setup to advanced features like node locking, scripting and aggregate reports.

Please note – we use state of the art encryption software on our videos, plus we do not allow simultaneous logins, or a large number of unique IP’s per account. Purchasing the course entitles YOU lifetime access, you can’t share it with your buddies. Full details in Terms of Service.

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Plays too much 200z.

Pio Course – Grinder Package

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What Others Have Said

Review of Piosolver Endboss course
By: Andrew Kagan

Probably all SSNL, MSNL, HSNL and even many micros grinders in 2019 own Piosolver. Those that don’t own it they have at least heard it discussed by other players, in Run It Once videos, or on YouTube or twoplustwo comment section arguing whether GTO is superior to exploitive style. Pio is an extremely powerful program able to give GTO solutions for any heads-up situation. However, few people know how to use it properly and there is little guidance on how to do so. In 2016 Nick Howard released Pio Unlocked but now it is quite outdated. Since then, there has not been an in-depth guide on how to use Pio. Bitb’s Piosolver Masterclass is a complete and well-organized series of videos on how to use all of Pio’s features and get maximum value from software that costs as much as $1099. The core of the course is eleven videos on the various features of Pio along with how to use them properly and efficiently. The tutorial’s on how to create and save trees; node-lock; and create your own aggregate reports were very clear and would be helpful to new users to Pio. There are also guides for more advanced users of Pio who seek to do complicated sims via the chapter on Renting a Sever. The videos on preflop sims were of interest to me. As an owner of Pio Edge I hadn’t found much information online on how to properly use them. I am sure many Pio owners have struggled with finding good documentation as there are YouTube videos from the makers but they are poorly translated from Russian, very dense, and not well-organized. The course with its plain titles of videos does a good job of condensing lots of complex information and guides into roughly fifteen-minute chunks. There are other courses included too on mental game and hand history reviews using Pio. I really enjoyed the mental game series. As necessary as Pio knowledge is in 2019, a strong mental game has always been more important. Those are the people who will and have stick around the longest. I do not know any poker player that doesn’t struggle with mental game issues on some level, myself included, and the series contained many useful tips to improve one’s own mental game. The example given of king10ofclubs was especially profound as when I started playing poker professionally in 2011 he was a MSNL endboss…today he still is and has a sick statname. He is a good model for poker players who cannot achieve the kind of technical knowledge that BitB coaches have. Another module I found to be of high-quality was the Pio hand history reviews. These are a staple of Run It Once videos and self-study but self-study with Pio alone is usually not very productive. Seeing how George and D7, two MSNL and HSNL crushers, use Pio to study spots is very informative as one can then take in the way they notice things and use Pio for their own self-study. The review of nosebleeds hands between Llinus, Katya, and Makeboufin was also very entertaining if not particularly applicable to my own games. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone who owns Pio but does not feel they are getting full value out of it or using its features well; which is probably almost all users.

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