1st November 2019


Originally Posted by ishter inb4 marriage

congrats lad, super happy for the two of you!


 cheers brother


Originally Posted by ggbruuce Your girl looks very familiar.. Did she use to work as a waitress in chez celine?

She did yea – she was a hostess and then captain there the second time I spent 6/7 months out there over the winter 


Originally Posted by deathorglory0 Congratulations D7! Sick place to propose, all the best! 

Cheers man 


Originally Posted by Oladipo Congrats on the proposal man, and sorry about the downer. I felt similar emotions when I proposed – mainly a big feeling of relief.

I’ve got a strange obsession with the Highlands, always have since I was a kid,
and loved your pics. I haven’t been in years but last time I was there I hit a lot of the same spots you went, Ft William, Ullapool, Loch Ness. Such a magical place.

GL on the grind

Cheers dude – tbh I was super aware of the extent to which we were just scratching the surface. For example Torridon we drove into in the dark, then we were outta there by 11am the first morning. There’s probably enough hikes/climbs there to keep a keen mountaineer busy for most of a lifetime, so much still to explore 


Originally Posted by doctor877 focking hell lad, congrats!

Cheers broooooooooo 


Originally Posted by Princess Elsa Long happy life to both of you 


Thanks very much dude 


Originally Posted by JedMosely Congratulations! 

Cheers brother


Originally Posted by Clanty Congratulations D7!!! Which side of the pond will it all take place?

Awesome photo’s, looks amazing!

Well, this is a bit of a cluster**** tbh. I’ve been researching visa’s, and since my income from property stuff isn’t that high and poker income obv isn’t provable (or maybe even positive lol 

 ) I need to show 62.5k in a savings account in my name only for a period of 6 months BEFORE we apply for a fiance/spouse visa WHICH we can’t do from within the country AND takes 3 months to process. No amount of property is sufficient, has to be sitting in a savings account (even a stocks/shares ISA isn’t ideal for this since it can’t dip below that figure). So, I’m basically gonna have to move things around – probably this is going to end up being the kick in the pants I need to finally convince my bro to sell our old student flat in Glasgow – the management company there ****s us at every turn, takes a month’s rent as a tenant finders fee plus 10% or some ****, we’re probably making very low yield there. So my plan is to liquidate that investment somehow, hold it for as long as needs be till we get the visa sorted, then use the capital to get an airbnb place here in Edinburgh.

I realise you were asking about the wedding, but yeah there’s some sizable hoops need jumped through first 

We will almost certainly get married here, probably while she’s back here on a tourist visa from next April.


Originally Posted by LittleGoliath congratz, awesome place to propose and best of luck to the both of you!

Thanks dude 


Originally Posted by max85 congrats mate all the best 

Cheers Max!


Originally Posted by dejanlc357 Congrats!!!

Cheeers Dejan 


Originally Posted by Labax Congrats on the proposal and very sweet Einaudi cover, he’s an end boss.

Also props on sharing negative results on a public platform, it’s easy to only show the good times but posting the bad times are a ever important reminder of how brutal poker can be. Also if you can drop 80 buy ins and still have some of the best moments of your life within that period, she’s very likely the one 

Haha, yeah for sure. TBH although I’m obv sad she’s leaving very soon, I’m super hyped to get back into the full flow of the poker grind and hopefully turn things around. Wedding and **** to pay for good motivation 


Originally Posted by TonnaMunz Congrats D! Hyped for you 

Cheers Rick! 


Originally Posted by gotgot123 Congrats OP

Also congrats on finding your eskimo brother.

Lmfao, savage. I guess to be expected if you post photos of your gurl on the interwebz though 


Originally Posted by blakkman08 


Originally Posted by TimStone Update your own thread FFS


So, time for a poker update.

Things have obviously been going terribly at the tables for some time, with the proposal and stuff I’ve only really been on the grind this last week. My motivation to grind and get back to making some cash has been very strong/pure since agreeing to start a little family unit, so I’m trying to leave no stone unturned – I’ve changed up my game/site selection, unlearned a bunch of aged strategies I’d been too lazy to upgrade for a long time and got back to basics – taking my time, low table count, thinking about my spots, marking spots, studying spots etc etc. Variance is still gonna be what it is, but I feel like if I can keep doing these things consistently then I should get back to making some progress.


Weak **** I know, but it is just at the stage where I need to regain some confidence in what I’m doing and rebuild a bit, so it is what it is.

Goals for November:

[ ] stay healthy – workout most days, avoid screen time when not grinding, sleep/eat well
[ ] 40k hands – mostly 6 tabling atm, 400-500h/hour down from 900 or so before, so this is actually more hours than normal. trying to play 2x 2h sessions most days
[ ] 1h+ study session at least every other day
[ ] 5h improving the site (articles, content, automation etc)
[ ] implement and sort visa plan
[ ] upgrade insulation in flat (****ing cold dark days 

That’s about it I guess, here’s to nerding it up in November!

GL out there

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