7th March 2019


Originally Posted by PlasticElephant You mean alpe d’huez?

Let’s be honest, slope rental is slope rental at the end of the day


Originally Posted by doctor877 that dont have **** on nasa merch

Dude I was creasing when I saw Rool in his sick NASA hat



As you’ve probably already seen in Bena/ PlasticElephant’s thread, an exceedingly clean time was had in Tignes – we basically got wall to wall sunshine for 4 days, then a big dump for the last 2 days. Gotta x-post these two photos from G’s thread:

Got home and managed to sidestep the classic welcome home session – seems like stars are worried I’d been grinding party instead of psych:

I guess when you’re running cl33n you’re running cl22n.

Been sessioning piano super hard since getting home, will probably put something up on youtube over the next few days, will drop the link here if so.

Back into the swing of grinding, feels like there’s a few more regs trying to war for the lobby in the last few days, games have been great and I’ve been running pretty well, will be trying to get as much volume as possible in before next ski trip in 10 days time.

Also been grinding content (in my sick merch) for bitbcash, finally finished the series I’ve been making on HU BB srp vs IP – 18 sections in all

Gonna move on to SRP OOP as PFR next, kinda slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

That’s about it for now, GL out there

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