11th March 2019


Originally Posted by blakkman08 love that you have had a great time of late bro, much

when you’re running good you’re running good


Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat yeye $500 in a chest AND winning at the tables. Stars on the absolute suck outta nowhere.

Awesome trip, let’s do it again soon! Also come swing by here on the way to mehico next time yeah <3

It’s pretty sick how r0gged the chests are tbh, wonder if i’m up to double digit rakeback this year… 13.7k rake paid, doubt it

I’ll be in touch


Originally Posted by Mr.Bulby Awesome D7! Enjoying luring once in a while!

More posts though! Especially waiting for that piano!

Yooooooooo! Good to hear from you Rihards, how are you sir? Been dabling in the pokers at all??

Piano is tantalisingly close, been grinding the same tune for weeks and it’s alllllllmost flawless, will have to record something before the next trip and draw a line under it. Actually wonder if my neighbours are tilted by the one song all day approach I’ve been taking


Honestly, I’ve had worse weeks playing poker. Listening to Made in the Manor on repeat got a man hype I guess….

Folding is overrated.

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