Darrell Goh


Top graph: 2019-2021 500nl-10knl  

Bottom graph: 2021- present, 2knl-100knl

 I’ve been playing poker professionally ever since graduating from University, starting out as a CFP student myself then eventually making it all the way to the top where you can now find me playing the biggest games running on major networks. I have been beating mid-high stakes since 2015, continually progressing upwards, leading up to the point of breaking through into the nosebleed games running on GG in the last few years. These days you can find me sitting or battling for the lobbies at $25/50+, happy to play almost anyone at 6max or HU. 

Having been playing high stakes for such a long time, and also being a head coach at bitB for 5 years now, I have gotten a really good feel for what generates EV even in tough environments and how to convey those strategies to students. I love the competitive element of the game and am still very driven to remain at the top so all the strategies I teach and use have to be working against the very best in the world. 

I believe bitB can not only provide some of the very best coaching available out there, combining the widely agreed optimal blend of theoretical and practical teaching, but also an amazing community of great people who want to work hard and crush. Being a part of the group is genuinely a huge reason in my own success and I’m very proud of what we have created here.

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