George Froggatt

My name is George, aka you-mad-br0 on pokerstars. You might also know me from Cardrunners (RIP), where I used to produce videos. I remember playing poker for the first time at a friends house for £5 buy in. 10bb stacks, and I didn’t win a hand before busting. Regardless, I was hooked, and started playing on my Dad’s account, and luck boxed a couple of tournaments culminating in a 5th in the big 11 for 4k, which felt like life changing money at the time! When I turned 18, I decided I was going to get supernova so jumped into 50nl cash with no cash background, ran insanely above EV to breakeven for the year, and didn’t really look back. Since then I’ve played over 2 million hands at small stakes with consistently one of the highest win rates on Pokerstars. Today, I focus primarily on 200 and 500z. 

I adopted PIO solver at a very early stage, and think one of my greatest skills is being able to use it efficiently to develop real strategies that work in game. A lot of people waste a lot of time studying in the WRONG way, and I’ve produced some videos for bitBCash which are the best resources on the internet in explaining how to optimise study. I have completed over a thousand hours of coaching, including with people playing up to 5knl, and have never had a negative review. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world with poker and meet people in many different professions, and I think bringing some lessons and approaches from other industries also provides high value to my students.

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