I began playing Poker in 2009 at the age of 19, starting out at the very lowest stakes, playing $0.10 360-mans, and slowly built up a roll by playing many of the SNG formats available; whenever I wasn’t working or studying, I could be found grinding online. Making the switch to cash games in 2011, I committed myself to learning NL full ring, starting at 10NL, and within a few months I had moved up to 100NL. After further success playing full ring I made the change to 6-Max and decided to play poker on a full-time basis. I established myself as a reg up to 2kNL. I’ve made roughly a million dollars playing poker, over about 8 years playing full-time.

The BBC did this short feature on me and my housemates 3-5 years ago:

What I didn’t realise then, is that the new wave of poker software tools such as PioSolver would not cause a wave of better-than-human bots to become easily available, nor would it stop the many thousands of recreational players who love to play poker from logging on every day. I’ve re-dedicated myself to the game and I’m enjoying it more than ever and I’m happy to say I’ve had some of my most successful months ever recently. I believe there’s never been a better time to apply to the BitB Cash Coaching for Profits program and get on the path to mid-highstakes NL.

Cash Results Graph ($)
Cash Results Graph ($)
Cash Results Graph (BBs)
Cash Results Graph (BBs)
Win Rates Breakdown
Win-Rates Breakdown

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