1st May 2019

Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat Mexican IP < Scotty IP obvs

gl with the regrind – i’m in a similar situation


Haha, definitely this – my month just ended when my internet had some kind of meltdown and I timed out of all my tables

GJ on the regrind, 1/2 of us aint bad!


Originally Posted by Magdika1962 Well, I believe every situation is different. The first doctor I met adviced me to get an injection every month for my whole life (he also din’t understand that playing poker is not gambling for me and treated me as addicted during that 1 meeting). Then I went to my current one, who looks like understands me and even if she not advise it she accept that I prefer not to take them. Meds is in my bedroom, I moved home and don’t plan to live alone and I have the plan if something happens. Now I even think I am to cautious with my aprroach and far from to agressive.

Not taking meds was obviously a big choice. I read a lot of studies and articles about it. As I see it my situation now, the whole thing was much more related to the lifestyle I was living and the social circle I was in/ not in that time. That year I was just set up a coaching team from 1 person to 25 students and I also tried to play a ton so I had way to many stress and I think my life was in a wrong direction.

It was 2 years ago and it looks like it’s working, but anything can happen. Whole situation sounds much worse than it is I think and my current social circle don’t even notice anything from this. Nowadays I actually see it as a good think as I got closer to the people who really matters.

Anyway, It was already to much about me in you thread . I hope this might helps you or other readers a bit, to me it was a big help to talk open about this.

Interesting – I’ve probably mentioned somewhere in this thread, but I read a book called ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’ which basically came to the same conclusion that you did – the medicines which **** with your brain chemistry have a dubious history and not exactly bulletproof evidence for their efficacy. In some cases it looks like they actually make things worse in the long run, despite obviously helping control the worst of the symptoms in times of crisis. IDK, honestly I’ve just been trying not to think of this stuff too much – it’s worrying to think I might be compromising my health long term by taking my pills, but basically everyone in my life strongly feels I should keep taking them, so what can I do – not trying to stress out those I love. One notable exception as it turns out is my GF’s mum – we had big talk about how more and more people (especially children) are being diagnosed with mental health problems and doped up. Scary **** tbh. Anyways, much respect to you for talking about it all publicly, wishing you all the best



The results are in, and it’s not pretty

Strange as it sounds, I’m actually not all that unhappy with how the month went. I’ve probably run as many sims in April as in the previous 3 months combined, I played good volume/game selection and I think I played reasonably well in obviously kinda difficult circumstances. There were certainly a few times I got frustrated in game due to just not being able to win/make a hand, but largely I think I did a reasonably good job with those factors under my control.

Life-wise, I’m thoroughly enjoying my time out here in Mexico – been to a new beach and a few new cenotes, plus been eating as much fish ceviche as a human body can handle, its actually adsrud how tasty it is.

I fly home back to London on Monday, might make my way into town to see the boys depending how I feel and who’s where. Besides that, not much to do but keep on keeping on – I guess it’s somewhat controversial that I moved up in the midst of a nasty downtick, but I think it was correct given the opportunities thrown up by the lobby changes. Not gonna be stupid/stubborn about it, I’ll move down if I feel I need to – no excuses on volume though, shooting for at least 40k hands again next month. Though, my psychiatrist did note that my last episode was just after a long journey east, so yeah – everything conditional on staying healthy

GL out there!

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