21st April 2019


Originally Posted by pontylad Doing blogs are definitely a good way to improve your SEO, I have no idea how much research you’ve done for it but if you’re doing this as a business then spending even $1-$2k on someone to help with the finer point of SEO can be well worth it. Or even using someone relatively cheaply off a site like fiverr. Certainly identifying key words is a must (the reason answering questions is good is because peopel ask the same stuff/end up creating the key words).

Not sure how many Keywords there are going to be for poker related stuff but how you set your headings, word count on homepage (should be min 250) etc, all make a big difference. The likelihood is most of your competition will be doing it themselves too, even a small improvement over them will show big results. You’ll be surprised how lethargic your competition can be. I managed to get our website ranking above almost all other dental sites in our area within 6 months, these are businesses easy turning over $100k+ a month but don’t bother with doing proper SEO.

I have no idea how much through traffic u get and your competition is way less localised than ours but yeah, budgeting for good SEO can be a no brainer (depending on circumstance). SEO is a huge black hole full of dark arts, it’s actually quite interesting.

Also, wp solid month.

Updated Ponty on skype about this, but incase anyone is interested – I paid some guy $158 on fiverr and he did a few things to boost our SEO – most notably he halved the loading time on our site on both mobile and desktop (mainly by compressing some images and maybe something about a cache not sure). Anyway, the Thursday before it was finished we had X visitors to the site, of which 3% came from search engines. The Thursday after (no social media activity either day) we had 1.6X, or which roughly 20% came from search engines. Obv large sample size issues here, but possible there was some difference made. We’re also getting hits from search engines other than google for once (most notably duckduckgo) but yeah, seems likely the investment will show some return over time.

Taking it pretty slow with the site overall rn, actually one thing I’m doing is talking to a few developers about the prospect of putting up a HH converter, might drive some extra traffic but not really sure what it would be worth to us, probably next to nothing tbh, but it’s one of these things that is almost 0 work once it’s up and it works, and I imagine will help things along.


Originally Posted by max85 Vwp d7

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Cheers Max


Originally Posted by Clanty very nice results (Y). agree on HU, that game is so much more fun

edit: what were you apologising for in A5 hand?

Think it’s a pretty bad manner value shove with the As, haven’t simmed it though.


Originally Posted by ScottyCorbett Your redline is actually broken tf, hectic month man!

Cheers budddyyyyyyyyyy. The boys just love to fold tbh. And hate to Vbet thin.


Originally Posted by AMMADNAV That redline Spoiler:

No te creo amigo!


Originally Posted by Mayox A5 excuse me sir

****22 hand went here ****


Originally Posted by blakkman08 looooooool



Originally Posted by Oladipo I mean….that is literally the only hand he can have that you beat….so…..nc?

Thank you very much my brother, just caught up on your thread actually I’ll be following


Originally Posted by Xenoblade thaaaaaat one is a punt, good result though

A fair summary


Originally Posted by barney big nuts 22? massive punt

Quack quack


Originally Posted by z0mgtiltz That guy never sent an email to support for suspicion of superusing so fast in his life lmao

Lol, yup we might’ve got the instant quit for this one


Originally Posted by SmbSmbSmb lmfao

Stick that up your piosolver


Originally Posted by Bagpuss the rare **** you call, what did he do to deserve that?!

I mean it was one of those, I rolled I think a 2 and I knew I was calling. Was honestly already pissing myself before I called, was pretty confident I was good lol


Originally Posted by babaar Care to share what is going on here?

Think this was regarding the A5 hand…. IDK man I’m just clicking some buttons, playing my ranges. Me sientes?


Originally Posted by LOLCh1pPorn 22 hand up there with the most disrespectful hands I’ve ever seen, 99% chance villain quit poker

sick year so far, gl

Lol, nah he’s a warrior he’ll be back. Thanks mang!


Originally Posted by PlasticElephant Am guessing villain hates pokerstars too now…

Tilt equity is a real thing


Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat what the hell did i just witness

When you know, you know


Originally Posted by Rapidesh123 Villain during this hand

-mediocre morzhov

Haha vaaaaamooo


Originally Posted by Kangal_ I mean being honest it seems like one of the worst played hands I’ve seen in a long time, but you won, so what do I know. WP I guess?!

Yes, you’re quite right. Flop, turn and river are all 0% frequency in PIO. But I can’t be out here grinding all day every day and making no mistakes, can I?

FWIW at this stack depth IP is meant to call basically every FD OTT, and I’m fairly sure this guy would shove them very, very often. The river call is about -14bb (looooool), -1bb with a heart.

Also, his play is literally 100% freq all streets lmfao. But I have his cash! What a silly game we play


Originally Posted by SmbSmbSmb red line makes sense i guess

I did it all for the redline, the redline.


Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 639×407.

or as i like to call it, ‘godmode’


Originally Posted by neomorf this line is called ‘nuclear superheater’ if I remember correctly from long ago

Lololol, nuclear superheat engaged for sure.


Originally Posted by blakkman08 he won. shut up haters

Definitely this, solvers can’t teach you to have massive bollocks


Originally Posted by Slugant what was the thought process of calling? cus both flush and JT get there

JT folds flop, FDs (imooooo) shove turn ====== he has 76 or 63, I call.


Originally Posted by Brokenstars tf



Originally Posted by Glanza_Mike I finally understand how to get ur redline to go up



Originally Posted by LOLCh1pPorn no one is taking into account the added bragpost equity and the fact that everyone stopped bluffing d7 overnight

Exactly, it’s 14 fockin BB who cares?????


Originally Posted by Slugant and call a river shove with 33 on KQ954 with a flush possible

Precisely, sometimes you gotta take a stand and let them know who’s boss.


Originally Posted by Oladipo River calls don’t affect redlines fwiw


Originally Posted by Rapidesh123 They affect: if you fold your redline goes down and your blue line stay the same. Now if you call your red line stays the same and blue line changes


Originally Posted by Oladipo ok yeah I was trying to say that it doesn’t make it go up; but it doesn’t make it go down, I should have worded it diff. Thx

Rapidesh most underrated strat poster on 2p2 ainec


Originally Posted by Xenoblade I mean the main reason high stakes players like llinus have winning redlines isn’t because they bluff all the time but mostly because they also call down a lot

Sounds ez


Originally Posted by Magdika1962 Hello Donald,

I just found your blog. I never wrote anything for 2+2 but your situation is so much similar to my one in the past. It’s might be a strange first comment from a guy you don’t know but your story means a lot to me.

I also played poker for 9 years, I also had a coaching team with over 20 students and I also tried to play poker and go to uni at the same time. On august 2017 I had basically the same mental collapse as you.

There are small differences, like to me it was enough to take meds for a month but on the other hand it took me much more to get back on track socially. My partners wanted me to leave the team so I found myself in completely lonely situation where I left school for the team but I was not even a member of it anymore. To me it was so painful that everytime I tried to play again I felt myself super annoyed and after almost 2 years I still haven’t played and still haven’t really find out what to do next.

You are now insipiring me to at least consider play again. Big thank you for sharing your story, it was super brave from you.

Hey man – thanks for taking the time to post, sounds like you’ve really been through it. I’m pretty surprised you were advised/allowed to just take meds for 1 month, first time around I took them for 5-6 and apparently that was still less than is advised. But whatever works for you I guess. I can definitely identify with the difficulties of getting back to normal socially – I had to be super deliberate about this and make sure I was doing something/seeing someone every day. I think it was and is especially important because I live alone, for me the Jiu Jitsu place just down the road really filled that gap. GL with it if you do get back to poker – honestly for me I considered just chucking it all in (I have a friend who likes to remind me that I told him I was probably in the downer I never recover from when I started back at 200nlz

) but I think it gives me a sense of purpose – that and coaching. I guess I’m extremely lucky to be working with some super understanding and just downright good guys who all stepped up big time for me when I needed them.


What goes up, must come down

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 879×711.

Probably playing a few too many tables, was also self-scripting a few higher stakes tables and yeah, rough couple of days. Will be more careful about table count and game selection when I get back to it, though honestly I think I played fine – haven’t been poc 2’ing guys too much

Thankfully my chica has a couple days off so been chilling today, going out tonight and will be chilling tomorrow

Back at it Tuesday, month at -8k over 30k hands, 8 days to rostucko. Gonna be a tough one!

Gl out there,


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