31st March 2019


Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat nooo likey that 1k has started bad

that vid has made me wanna get my guitar out for the first time in 11 years old man poker band???

It got better!…. oh wait


Originally Posted by locoo20 I’d rather not . The only reason I never sitout is because I don’t know how to work the lobby like most of the regs out there, they do some sit in and out 3h shenanigans and I always ended up losing the table.

Tbh not a bad approach, the lobby politics side of things is super lame. Glad to see a new warrior in town though!


Time to book the month! Didn’t go quite so good after returning from skiing, but w/e, still a very clean month.

So yeah it appears my redline appears to continue going the wrong way. Idk though, I keep simming these spots where I make marginal calldowns and not hating what I see

Almost apologised for this one though – he genuinely instant called. Ace of spades naughty card to have for this one lmao #notallowed

Slightly annoying that the month would’ve been 23k ish had I not chucked in some 1k, had some welcome back problems at that particular stake. On the plus side though been enjoying some HU this month, I swear the lobby changes have turned a few guys battler so I’ll probably keep going on that front this month, maybe throw in some more zoom too. I didn’t really set a volume goal for this month, but I got in a very steady routine which I’ll be looking to keep up as much as possible this month.

Finally sorted my finances, maxed out the old ISA on some ultra low charge fidelity funds and set up a direct debit for £1,666/month. I told myself the 1k shot was 20BI when I started, so gonna stay true to that unless I feel like it’s stressing me out and I want to drop it.

Outside of poker, had some thoroughly bad news this month – my Jiu Jitsu gym is closing down! The landlord has given them 6 weeks to pack up and **** off, gutting as I love the people, the timetable, everything about the place is just pretty great. I guess I’ll actually have to join a golf club to fill my days, either that or there’s a good hot yoga place not too far away. Will also up the climbing freq a bit…. maaaaaaaybe will finally get back around to the gym aswel, we’ll see how it pans out.

I fly to Mexico on April 15th, going to head down to London on the 12th and hopefully do some fun things there before heading out. Will be there till 6th May, coming home as I’ve a stagger the weekend of May 10th up in Aviemore.

One last thing, I’ve been doing a bit of the old writing recently, read up on some basic SEO stuff and it seems you get to the top of the rankings by answering the questions your customers are asking. Googled around a few poker related questions, paying special attention to the ‘people also ask’ boxes and decided to write an article series about solvers. Done 4 (of a planned 6) articles in the past 4 days, probably pretty basic for most of the regular posters ITT, but imma post it up for all you lurkers out there! https://bitbcash.com/category/articles/

That’s it for now, onwards and upwards in April let’s go get it!

GL out there,

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