23rd January 2019


Originally Posted by iHaveTrips GL. Wish you the best with 2019 both on the tables and off.

Can’t agree more with what Elsa said. Health is the most important thing (both mental and physical) and something which many poker players don’t take as seriously as they should.

Thanks man


Originally Posted by Nefirmative GL this year. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing something so personal and senselessly stigmatised. Glad things seem to be on the up and up again

Cheers bro, my pleasure to share. Not a reality I ever thought I’d be facing, but here we are, I’ll stay trying to make the best of it.


Originally Posted by Mayox Been so busy in the rift didnt even know u had a new thread so only just read this.

Sick update man, if that had happened to me idk if i would have been able to share it so respect bro, keep up the piano and see you at EU worlds 2019


Originally Posted by Mayox also the wolves ask about u sometimes, can i share this post with them or no? it gives a much better insight than i could

Yoooooooooo, good to hear from you man. Of course, happy for it to be shared with whoever – not trying to keep it from anyone. Miss you wolves man (except BD obv

), hope Vienna is treating you well.


Originally Posted by deathorglory0 Glad to see you back and doing well at the tables, good job man

Cheers brother


Originally Posted by blackouths Subbed, was a pleasure/total gent to deal with while applying for bitb, gl with your mental health this year Donald (also nice to see someone else on the BJJ grind, got my triple white then got a grade 3 AC joint separation; just about to get back in the streets)

Thanks dude, I’ll do my best to tick every box I can and hope the lifeRNG doesn’t **** me

Been steady on that BJJ grind, but been feeling a touch of tennis-elbow since climbing on Saturday so will ease off this week.


Wasn’t really planning on making any update, but I’ve been having the unreal nuclear superheat and it doesn’t seem to be letting up

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Maybe I just win at 20bb now???

Looks like roughly 1/650 start to the year… I’ll take it

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Got 6 days till my GF arrives from Mexico, 2k hands/day will get me to 40k and I’ll feel better about taking 2.5 weeks off if I make it.

GL out there gang

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