Cameron Couch

My name is Cameron Couch and I play on PokerStars under the screenname ‘ishter11’. I discovered the great game of poker during college in 2013 and started off playing recreationally amongst friends. It didn’t take long before I transitioned into online poker and, after graduating in early 2014, I decided to give poker a real shot. Since then I have basically lived and breathed poker, having logged over 3 million hands of online poker with the vast majority of my volume in the zoom games on PokerStars. I now play 500z almost exclusively but I also travel for some live-stops, namely the Aussie-millions in Melbourne, WSOP in Vegas, and the EPT in Barcelona. I have always been very competitive and strategy-oriented, playing lots of sports and computer games growing up, so poker was naturally a great fit. During my career I have been involved with a bunch of coaching-related activities; from being coached and staked myself, to producing instructional videos and offering my own coaching. This experience in combination with my good results in this climate, allows me the ability to provide great value to my students.

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