Darrell Goh

My name is Darrell and I play under the screen name FourSixFour on Pokerstars. I began playing poker with friends in home games around the age of 18 and after going to university started looking into online poker as a way of some side income. Once I had finished university in 2014 I set out on a journey to become a professional poker player and travel the world. I am happy to say this goal came to fruition and in the space of a year I went from a 100NL player to a mid-high stakes regular and have remained there since. Although the climate has changed a lot since then I feel like the experience of battling my way up stakes is something I can bring to the table as a coach. Being able to hold your own against other regulars, fighting for every pot and not always relying on a spot at the table will tremendously add to your win-rate and make you a pain to play against. I have been involved with the coaching side of poker plenty now, having been coached myself previously and working as a coach for over a year now. I believe the coaching on offer at bitB cash is the best around, bringing a very strong blend of theoretical and practical teaching along with extensive combined hours working out what students require to move up in today’s games.

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