26th September 2019

What’s up guys, long time no update.

Predictably given the above, poker has been going bad. I’m on my biggest downswing ever in terms of buyins, around 85BI down from peak, 54 buyins adjusting for EV. Been reviewing hands sporadically with the other bitb coaches, and had some guys I trust look through my database – plenty of things to improve on, so trying to focus on those and also trying to view this stretch as an opportunity to work on my mental game. Although I obviously have been, I don’t want to be one of those guys who only updates when things are going great, so here it is in all it’s glory.

May (Mostly played SCOOP, which went bad):




September I’ve played exactly 3 days so far – stars offered me a $4k bonus if I raked $10k in a month so I set out to do it, snap lost many more BIs, gave up.

Overall from peak to present, drumroll please:

So yeah, fair to say that it’s not been going great. As always though, there’s nothing I can do to force good results, in order to get things flowing my way again I just need to refocus on what is within my control – how well I’m applying myself both on and off the tables.

On days where I’d rather not play poker, I’ve been staying productive making content and overhauling the website, I think it’s now doing a much better job of giving people what they want when they arrive at the site. I also started a new article series on bankroll building here for all you nano/microstakes heros out there lurking – I have somehow misplaced my plan for the rest of the series but I’ll probably pick that up again one day soon.


Anyways, work stuff is work stuff. Life-wise, things have been going really pretty well. My girlfriend has been over from Mexico and that’s gone about as well as I could’ve hoped. I think she’s a little frustrated to be spending so much time not working (she’s only got a tourist visa) but she’s been handling it pretty well. She flies home to Mexico a month today, I’ve already booked to go see her for 40 days right after Xmas – finally picked an appropriate month to head out there so looking forward to that.

Here’s a photo of us from the wedding we were at in Paris:

That was a pretty sick time – the reception was on a boat where we cruised up the Seine, passed the Louvre, Notre Dame and under like 38 bridges or something.

Later in July I went up north for the annual Brora beys golf trip – didn’t manage to retain my title but played decent, think I came (distant) 2nd overall. We had the most calm conditions we’ve ever had by quite a long way, and the grass hadn’t fully recovered from the crazy heatwave summer we had last year, so it was playing veeeeeery forgiving off the tee – not really into my strengths as more of a scrambler. But it was soooooo nice to have a week of almost wall-to-wall sunshine, shorts weather every day is not something you can take for granted 

Some photos:

August was a momentous month as I finally made my first appearance for the Barcelona trip with the poker boys! There was a massive crew in, something like 25 IIRC including a big Vienna contingent. Had a great time catching up with everyone and meeting some new guys from the poker world – was a really nice pace of trip, didn’t try and pack too much into any 1 day. Honestly the tourist stuff we did do (Las Ramblas, Sagrada Familia) was pretty meh, my favourite memories of the trip are some good breakfasts with great people, chilling at the beach and of course the Edinburgh crew showing who’s boss at bouldering 

 The club nights involve less of the memories, but I’m fairly sure fun was had 

The main happening in September so far was my 30th birthday celebration – I booked a big house near Carrbridge in Scotland and basically used that as a base for walking in the day, boozing in the night. We had a clear but windy week, so we didn’t end up climbing any munros, instead we mainly walked through forests/around lochs. It worked out really well – basically the poker boys came from Monday to Thursday, and my normal/working friends came over the weekend.

Some more photos:

Top of Meall a’ Bhuachaille (aka the Shepard’s hill) on my birthday. This is a Corbett (i.e. between 2 and 3k feet high).

Next day we went Clay Pigeon Shooting. Stevie MVP ldo 

Think this was loch garten, but not sure:

So anyway, yeah that was a great success, glad I marked such a big birthday with a trip like that, though renting such a nice place seemed like a better idea before I dropped 30-40k playing poker 

I guess I better wrap this up here, feels like this post is already super long, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t update for 4 months!

I’ll leave you with some zen goodness I recorded last night:

Gl out there gang!

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