28th May 2019


Originally Posted by Clanty Not strange at all IMO; losing periods tend to allow me to think far more sincerely about how my Poker’s going. Therefore, if you feel good about how you played, and lost, then that speaks volumes.

Best of luck grinding out of it

Thanks man


Originally Posted by Xenoblade think the ADHD craze and parents not wanting to educate their children is leading to the rise in doping them up, my step sister started giving her son one of these ADHD drugs when he was ****in 3 yrs old


Originally Posted by barney big nuts Your step sister is making a huge mistake. WTF IS SHE THINKING?
You should say something to her

Wow, yeah I knew this was happening but crazy it’s happening to someone so close to you. I like to believe I’d step up and say something on the kid’s behalf in that situation, but obv family situations can be pretty delicate so idk.


Originally Posted by birdayy Bit late but gl man with the mental and poker grind!

Hope the stable is going well.

Thanks man! Stable is going good – still time to make our June intake if anyone’s interested, details https://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/1…d-br0-1707797/


Originally Posted by TonnaMunz


Originally Posted by BenaBadBeat unlucky on the month lad. scoop bink incoming tho <3

I wiiiiiiiiiiiish


So, scoop over, time to assess the damage and reevaluate. The bigger tourneys went about as bad as they could’ve gone – after mincashing the opening 2k I bricked 13 in a row. I think I made a mistake basically switching formats to purely MTTs for the whole 2 weeks – probably a better plan would’ve been to play the 3 sundays, but stick to the normal cash grind through the week. I think the increase in hourly playing MTTs is probably marginal at best through the week (especially given I was 6 tabling max), while obviously the level of variance is basically incomparable. That said, I did enjoy switching up the grind for a while – lots of weird spots thrown up by playing 8 handed rake free with antes, ICM pressure stuff, varying stack sizes etc. Definitely feel like I have a more solid understanding of low SPR spots in general too.

So after 2 medium-heavy losing months in a row, I’m definitely going to drop my highest stakes for a while and rebuild. My instinct is to set some goals for the month of June, but actually there’s no reason to write off these last 4 days of May. I need to get back in the habit of grinding every night, so I’ll just set the goal of playing 1 session every evening to close out the month. Got 2 smallish trips planned in June – going up to Elgin for my Granny’s 90th birthday, then have a wedding in France on 1st July which I’ll arrive couple days early for, so probably 50k hands is a good achievable goal. Looking forward to getting back into the regular grind

GL out there,


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