12th January 2019


Originally Posted by CRAIBaby glad youre feeling better.

Would recommend getting into meditation, the book The mind illuminated is the best way to get started.

Good luck man!

Thanks man, best of luck to you too


Originally Posted by max85 Weed is a massive thing that can change mental stability.

Gl this year don

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Yah, all the nurses in the hospital was saying they have more people in tripping out on weed than anything else, which is pretty surprising. I kinda considered myself an advocate for it’s benefits before it went sour (pun intended). I used to really enjoy it, but I’m retired for life now, ggwp.

Cheers bro


Originally Posted by ArtyMcFly I only just got round to reading your post about your mental health problems and it hit me hard because I’ve been through similar things (including the Kafkaesque experience of being sectioned and locked up while supposedly being a “voluntary” patient). Thanks for sharing your story.

I’ll probably send you a PM. Take care, bro, and best of luck in 2019!

Thanks man – and yeah hospital was a super weird/intense experience, glad it’s not just me who felt like that – kept thinking about one flew over the cuckoo’s nest actually


Originally Posted by Finland22 Read your post regarding the episode gl bro tough times behind. I’ve had 3 episodes and while weed didn’t help, at times it reduced my anxiety/paranoia and calmed my psychotic thought patterns. But weed also did the opposite at other times (which is recurring in all drugs, + and – effects.)

What made me dive deep into my disconnection from reality was mainly insomnia. And violent tendencies while psychotic. I’ve sadly assaulted someone each of the 3 episodes…

Remember 24-hour long sessions at 100nl, popping amps like it was (literally) candy lol

Long live anti-anxiety medz.

Ahh interesting – yeah first time around I felt like I’d been awake a huge amount of time – when I was admitted to the hospital I was claiming more than a week, but actually tracing the timeline back it’d only been a few days, even that was with a nap or two here and there. My perception of time was definitely super screwy.

I’ve actually never taken an upper of any description besides caffeine, couldn’t really ever see me doing it now either. Trip or two gotta me in shook life mode I guess


Originally Posted by SalmoTrutta Thanks for sharing all of this, I wish you the best in managing the situation.

Appreciated man, thank you.


Originally Posted by PlasticElephant absolute full ring specialist


Originally Posted by TreadLightly Thanks for sharing your experience, best of luck in 2019 to a strong health and lifestyle

Thanks brother!


Originally Posted by Fishtankz +1 to this. Read it slowly, not all at once and build a daily meditation habit.
I’ve heard very experienced meditators say that it’s the best book ever written on the subject.

Cool, I’ll look out for that book.


Originally Posted by iamreallycrap Thanks for sharing Donald, best of luck in the future!

Cheers dude!


Originally Posted by Princess Elsa we often times forget, but health (mental and physical) is the single most important thing in life

Gl recovering, cya at the tables

+ ****ing 1 man, so easy to take for granted.



The poker gods have turned a kind ear to all of your kind best wishes – year is off to a flying start

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Games have been absolutely popping off, been playing 1 longer session basically every day so video making has had to go on hold for a bit. Been throwing in some midstakes timbeys on the side to keep the sessions rolling, managed to ladder to 4th in a pigeon $55 on party last night for a bonus bag

Besides that, I saw my psychiatrist on the 10th, was just a short appointment and they took my dose down to 500mg from 600 – a small step in the right direction! Probably just placebo but haven’t slept more than 11 hours since then, so seems like a positive change.

Taking a day off tomorrow to play golf with some pals, followed by dinner at mum’s. Will throw out a low-pressure goal of 40k hands for the month and probably update at the end of it.

GL out there!

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