Month: January 2019

23rd January 2019

Quote: Originally Posted by iHaveTrips GL. Wish you the best with 2019 both on the tables and off. Can’t agree more with what Elsa said. Health is the most important thing (both mental and physical) and something which many poker players don’t take as seriously as they should. Thanks man Quote: Originally Posted by Nefirmative …

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12th January 2019

Quote: Originally Posted by CRAIBaby glad youre feeling better. Would recommend getting into meditation, the book The mind illuminated is the best way to get started. Good luck man! Thanks man, best of luck to you too Quote: Originally Posted by max85 Weed is a massive thing that can change mental stability. Gl this year …

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5th January 2019

Quote: Originally Posted by dg4 very brave of you to post all that don, wishing you well for the coming year and of course if you ever want to talk about anything you know where to reach me. our recent discussions have been way too poker related hopefully see you soon Thanks man Quote: Originally …

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